Mini Collective Haul

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve been recovering from a foot operation so haven’t been in a bloggy mood. Today I thought I’d do a little haul with things I’ve bought over a few weeks.

Firstly is the two chups chups candles. These are from pound world and I have a large collection of these candles in loads of different scents. One is strawberry and cream and the other is cherry. They both smell sooo nice and along with the vanilla reed diffuser my room smells amazing.

So I went into Superdrug to pick up my trusty concealer and also decided to pick up the ‘Collection Illuminating Touch’ foundation. My sister has had this for a while and I loved “borrowing” it so I thought I’d buy my own. This foundation is definitely not one to throw on to the shops it does take around 5-10 minutes to work into the skin but the end result is amazing. I’ve used the collection concealer for a while and it’s now my holy grail concealer. It doesn’t crease and is amazing coverage without being cakey. The foundation is also full coverage but if not applied correctly it can go patchy and if you don’t shake the bottle enough it can go a bit orange. I apply mine with a damp sponge and it works well 98% of the time.

While I was in Superdrug I saw the ‘Ultra Face Base Primer’ by Revolution and wanted to give it a try. I’ve tried it with my Collection foundation and it went really patchy on my nose and T zone so I wouldn’t recommend that combination but I am going to try it with a different foundation so I will update you.

Next are two mascaras I bought from Primark. I didn’t really have high hopes for these because of the price but after trying them a few times I absolutely love them! The first one is the ‘PS Volumising Mascara’ this one makes my lashes very black and gives them a little bit of length. I’d say this one is best on days where you don’t want to wear much makeup but want a little bit of colour and length. The only problem is it isn’t water proof and does smudge onto your lids.

The second one was £2 and I bought because it says it’s waterproof. It is the ‘PS Aqua Lashes’. It adds a lot more volume and length to my lashes which I love. I wear them both together and my lashes look amazing, you’d never guess they were £3 together.

These are definitely my favourite things I’ve ever bought! They were from New Look and from left to right they were £5, £6 and £7. The first one I saw was the one on the right and I instantly fell in love so when I found the others I was so happy. I love how they look in my blog pictures and they will be featured alot:)

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day, bye!

Kelli xx


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