My 17th Birthday!!

Hiya so last Wednesday (12th April) I turned 17 😆 which only calls for a party! We decided Sunday would be the best day. I was also lucky enough to have my best friend come and stay, I hadn’t seen her in almost a year and a half because she had to move away so I was so exited ☺️ I asked my mum to take some pictures of the day so I could use them for a post so I hope you like them. The pictures feature me, Lydia (best friend), Em (sister), Millie (cousin) and Fallon (Millie’s friend). 

From left to right: Millie, Kelli, Lydia, Mia, Fallon

I also wanted to add some pictures that me, Lydia and Mia took at the train station and some me and Lydia took when she went home. 

I hope you enjoyed these photos ☺️ have a great day!

Kelli xx


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