My Hair Story!

Hiya and welcome back to my blog. Today I wanted to share my hair colour story, this is going to be very long so grab a cuppa and get comfy. This is sort of a sequal to my very first post on my blog “Colour-Freedom” but on that post I just talked about my experience with that brand, this one will be a complete story of my hair colours.

So the first time I ever dyed my hair was blonde highlights. I am naturally blonde so i just gradually wanted to lighten it, I think I was 11 years old when I did this. After a few times I started to dye my whole hair a lighter shade of blonde. When I was 12 I decided I wanted to add bits of pink into the front of my hair. I absolutley loved it but as you can imagine my school wasn’t happy so I had to have it taken out after a few weeks.

The following year I had red dip dye (in the school holidays this time) this is when I knew I loved having my hair bright colours. I had the red done in July 2013 and in September of the same year I made the biggest commitment of my life so far.. I died my whole hair purple!

I though it was a great idea because when my hair was blonde my roots were coming through virtually black so I thought if I dyed my hair darker it would look better but I didn’t, my roots started coming through bright blonde. I loved it purple although the only problem was it kept fading to brown and because I didn’t know much about hair dye back then, I tried different brands to try and keep it purple for longer but didn’t think about the build up I was causing. I did this for about 2 years so when I decided to go back to blonde it was an absolute nightmare!

From March 2015 to July I had barbie blonde roots and the rest of my hair was ginger which I didn’t really mind but I was very happy to finally be back blonde. After 6 hours in the hairdressers, a bleach bath and 2 rounds of dye it was back to “normal”.

Now people with sense would leave their hair alone for years but me? nope.

6 months later I dyed it pastel pink for Christmas. This was by far my favourite colour! It was supposed to last 6 washes but was completeley gone after 2 which i was really upset about.

So that brings us to the year of bright hair! In May 2016 I wanted my pastel pink hair back so I picked up the “Colour-Freedom” dye in Magenta Dream. I hadn’t lightened my hair in nearly a year so I was expecting a subtle pink but nooo. When I was washing out the colour I thought “oh it’s okay it won’t be that bright I haven’t bleached my hair” I was in for a surprise when I took the towel off to dry my hair. It was BRIGHT PINK!! By the way this was two days before my GCSE exams started.

As you can imagine school really wasn’t happy at all. I actually wasn’t allowed into the exam hall to do my exams and had to be in a seperate room. There was also talk about me being expelled from school so i wouldn’t recomened it. Do a strand test before you dye your hair any colour!!

I want to add here for anyone that goes to my old school that i WAS allowed to my leavers day and prom although the teachers tell the current pupils that i wasn’t thinking i wouldn’t find out. I didn’t attened my leaver’s day because I wanted to dye my hair instead.

That bring me on to dying my hair blue! I didn’t have enough money to talk out the pink so i just put the blue on top. It created an awesome blue and purple combo effect that people thought I had perfessionally done.

After a couple of months I stripped my hair and added grey which made it more one colour and slightly lighter. I also dyed my hair extensions the same colour.

Getting nearer to Christmas I wanted to go red. I wanted red hair for so long so I thought why not. The red is by far my favourite colour and i miss it so much. The reason i don’t still have it is because it wouldn’t stay red at the bottom and actaully turned back blue.

This is when I decided I wanted to strip all the colour out and either play around with blonde and silver or go red. Stripping out the colour is proving to be quite difficult and 5 months later i’m still trying. After rounds of stripper and bleach the best i got was the stained under layer from when I dyed it blue. My roots were blonde and the ends from my ear down were teal green. It did look okay but I really didn’t like it so instead of more damaging chemicals I put the magenta pink over the teal and it looked great.

That brings me to now! Now I still have blonde roots and the magenta has faded to differnt tones of lilac. Don’t get me wrong I love the colour and I know i’m lucky in the sense that i have never had my hair lucky so bad of a colour that I can’t leave the house, but it isn’t what I want. My thoughts are still the same as they were at Christmas, i want to get it back to blonde and either play around with blonde and silver or go red.

I will update this post when i have more colours to add for now, see ya 🙂

Update: I am now grey!! I faded the lilac using anti dandruff shampoo/conditioner and blonde shampoo and managed to get most of my hair back to blonde with bits of lilac through the ends. I then mixed silver blonde and misty grey making it a lovely silver/grey colour (much more silver). I had that for a week and half and then decided I wanted it permanent but bought the wrong colour dye (silver grey instead of silver blonde) so it is darker but I absolutely looove it. I am officially 100% happy with my hair which is a relief for me, my hair and my bank 🙂

Want to add here that anti dandruff shampoo/conditioner is amazing for taking out hair colour. I had a lot of build up of semi permanent and permanent colour on my hair and with a few round of leaving it on my hair for half an hour most of the colour was out. If I did a couple more rounds all of the colour would have been gone. I even used less than half of a bottle and my hair is quite thick. Make sure to deeply conditioner hair after, although it is far less damaging than hair dye remover it is still damaging.

Kelli xx

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